Ugo Li

French(b.1987) I am an artist painter born in Paris, France in 1987. I studied at ESADHAR (fine art school) graduated in 2011. I live and work in Bangkok. My work is something highly personal, taking inspiration from things ranging from major events in my life, to mundane tasks like walking from my house to the neighborhood market. Images are gleaned from the news or magazines but I never work directly from them. It appropriates me, multiple visual signs.I emphasize, however, that this artistic junction where dreams, exploration of memory, thoughts and daily experience intersect isn't prioritized in any kind of hierarchy. Even further, I assert that I don't try to categorize or divide modes of abstraction and figuration in my work either. It's the experience and the process of spontaneously evolving creation. The wandering on the canvas causes the bursting by multiplying the elements and colors, which often reveal to the audience where I covered over, augmented, altered and scratched out until to find a good dialogue and harmony with the entire.

----------------------------------- Past Exhibitions -------------------------------------

2006: Salon d’automne de Barentin, FRANCE (group exhibition).
2006 : Biennal d’art contemporain du Bourg St léger, FRANCE (group exhibition).
2007 : 20 years, 20 artists”, the French National Assembly Gallery, Paris FRANCE (group exhibition).
2011 : Galerie MAM, Art contemporain, Rouen, FRANCE (solo exhibition)
2011 : Grande Galerie, Ecole des Beaux Arts de Rouen, FRANCE (group exhibition)
2012 : COMO SI FUERA LA PRIMERA O LA ULTIMA VEZ / Expériences Progressives, Montréal,CANADA (group exhibition)
2012 : L’Escalier, Montréal, CANADA (solo exhibition)
2012 : The Plant, Montréal, CANADA (group exhibition)
2013 : “Moving Picture Desire”, D Gallery, New York (group exhibition)
2013 : “Roommates looking for motion n a sunny and beautiful apartment”, Montreal,CANADA (group exhibition)
2014 : “ Oscillation” Speedy Grandma Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand (group exhibition)
2014 : “Luxx art fair” Luxx Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand (Art Fair)
2014 : “I love you too”, New perspective of art, Le Meridien, Bangkok, Thailand, (solo exhibition)
2016 : HOTEL ART FAIR, Ad Lib, The BARN, Bangkok, Thailand (Art Fair)
2016 : “TIMELAND”, YENAKART VILLA, Bangkok, Thailand. (group exhibition)
2016 : FLAC, Foire loi 1901 d’art contemporain, Rouen, France (group exhibition)
2016: ‘’Ugo’s LAIR, Chowhy gallery, Bangkok, (solo exhibition)
2017: 'UNTITLED'' Gallery SO-Sofitel, HUA HIN, Thailand (solo exhibition)